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Q: "I don't golf, but would like to support this great cause"

A: Please fill out a donation form! You may sponsor a hole in memory of a loved one, for your business, or of a personal nature.
     You can donate a basket of goods for the Auction, or join us in the clubhouse at 6pm for steak dinner.

Q: "I would love to participate, but can't find a sitter for all day"

A: No problem!  There is a $49 option for golf and lunch (no dinner).  You'll be home to the kiddies for family dinner.

Q: "I've never golfed before, but I want to try, because I heard this tournament is amazing!"

A:  Golfers of all skill levels are welcomed, even if it is your first time out!  If you need clubs contact Jill for a set for the day.

Q: "I can't find enough people for a foursome"

A:  3 golfers are needed to let a group off the tee.  Sorry!  No singles or two-somes!

Q: "My name is Mark P. and I want to know, will there be light?"

A:  In response to an overwhelming feedback of years past, 2013 will bring high class beverages of Coors and Yuengling.  The Natty and The Genesee have been officially retired!

Q: "Will the  'Beer Cart Crew of 2011'  be there again?"

A:  Yes, there is a plan to have not one but TWO beer carts supplying your needs of thirst on the course.  They will be locked in an Epic Battle to see who raises the most tips for Hospice! Please show them your support!

Q: "Is my $80 tax deductible?"

A: No, since most of it goes to pay for your golf and food.  If you'd like to make a tax deductible monetary donation, i.e. sponsor a hole, click the donation form for details.  100% of the donations go to Hospice and are tax deductible for you.  If you donate items to auction for the raffle I can provide you with a receipt for your tax purposes.

Q: "What do I get for sponsoring a hole?"

A: First, the personal satisfaction of a good deed.  Second, a laminated sign will be posted at the hole for every golfer to see.  Email the image and text you would like to appear on your sign.  It is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one or advertise your business.